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Why Shop at BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com?

When you shop with BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com, you'll choose from brand name breathalyzers ”the industry's top names” at prices simply not possible anywhere else. But that's just the beginning. We also carry a vast inventory of components: replacement sensors, mouthpieces, cases, calibration and more. You'll find emerging technologies as well, because at the end of the day, we love what we sell.
Here are just a few of the reasons why you should shop with us:
  • We treat every customer with respect. We consider every transaction of critical importance.
  • We offer the industry's highest-quality products at the lowest-possible prices.
  • We back every product with a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee.
  • We offer the most complete product information and photo galleries available.
  • We ship most orders placed before 7pm ET anywhere the same day.
  • We carry the world's largest selection of breathalyzer components
  • We offer our own brand of premium breathalyzers, under the Advanced Safety Devices brand. With over 15 years in business, ASD is the industry's TOP breathalyzer manufacturer.
  • We provide our customers with information---on the phone, in our catalog, or on our web site -- to make informed choices. Each of our telephone representatives is continually trained by the manufacturers of the products we sell. They can answer your questions instantly.
  • We have established BUYING POWER, which means we can buy products at prices far below our competition---and pass the savings along to you.
  • We offer our customers frequent updates on new products arriving at our warehouse.
  • We offer corporate and government customers instant bids, competitive prices and quick delivery.
  • We contact opt-in e-mail customers with the opportunity to purchase great deals on limited-quantity products.

Website Security Guarantee

All orders and transactions involving release of personal information is encrypted using the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology. Encryption is a process by which we use software to scramble your credit card number and personal information so that they're unreadable by anyone but BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com. BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com is PCI compliant and does not see nor store any personal credit card information. All orders are processed by Authorize.net for added security. We are so confident in our security systems that we can provide our Website Security Guarantee will provide coverage against unauthorized charges on your credit card.

In the unlikely event that your credit card company holds you liable for any unauthorized charges to your account resulting from your online purchases at BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com, we will cover your liability up to $20.

In the highly unlikely event that you discover unauthorized charges on your credit card within 15 days of your purchase on the BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com website, here's how you can redeem your claim:

Promptly contact your credit card company and report the unauthorized charges. You should ask to speak to a representative of the company's fraud department. They can inform you of the company's fraud claim process and determine whether or not to charge you a personal liability fee (normally $20).

If your credit card company: (a) determines that the charges were fraudulent charges resulting from your online purchase at BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com, and (b) holds you liable for any of the unauthorized charges, contact us immediately. For your convenience, you can contact us by e-mail or by mail. In order to help you, we will need the following information:

  • Your name
  • Daytime phone number
  • Billing address
  • A copy of the credit card statement in question (please circle fraud charges)
  • Proof of your credit card company's fraud determination and liability fee
  • A description of the incident

Send an e-mail by clicking here or mail your letter to:

9140 Jordan Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311

About the Company

BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.comBreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com was established to serve the needs of individuals and companies looking to perform alcohol testing without fuss, and today we are one of the industry's top breathalyzer and breathalyzer-product retailers. Our success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every customer like they were a member of our family. From the beginning, our top priority was to provide unmatched customer care and to help our customers understand how breathalyzers and improved technologies could help them. We've always invited intelligent, courteous men and women to staff our call center; to answer your questions, make recommendations and deliver solutions. We stock our web site with the latest products, the best deals---and plenty of information to help you decide for yourself. We are proud of each and every member of our staff, because they make the difference.

Just because we offer the industry's lowest prices doesn't mean we skimp on service. In fact, it is because we take care of our customers -- and you continue to support us with your business -- that we're able to use our buying power to get you the best deals.

So when you call us or log onto our web site, you're doing business with a company that is enthusiastic about breathalyzers, and about matching our customers with the items that they need. And we intend to continue serving you. Every day.

Rest Assured - You have come to the right place!

With a wide range of alcohol breathalyzers on the market today, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to make sense of it all. We also know that since there is no standardization in the alcohol testing industry, it becomes very tough to know which brand to purchase.

With this in mind, we searched long and hard to find a range of specially designed and constructed alcohol breathalyzers using the most accurate and innovative sensor technologies to provide you with the best results possible.

BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com joins the Advanced Safety Devices, LLC family in 2006 to combine our sales philosophies with ASD's expertise in the Alcohol Breathalyzer industry. With over 15 years in business, ASD pioneers advanced Alcohol breathalyzers for consumer and professional use.

How to Reach Us

Customer Sales:
866-216-8700 option 1
Customer Service:
866-216-8700 option 2

Business-to-Business Excellence

Business customers have very specific requirements for doing business. The demands of business must be handled by a group of professionals who know the ropes-who have been there, and who can meet deadlines that, well, seem impossible. BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com's Business-To-Business sales team has 15 years of hands-on experience serving the needs of business customers. Our Business Group has grown because of our service and pricing industry. We understand that business customers are concerned with price during these times when you must maximize your investment, but we also realize that service is the most important component of the relationship. For business customers, BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com is ready to serve. I invite you to contact our team (of dedicated account managers) when your business needs attention to detail and the right products at the lowest prices in the industry.

Business customers have unique needs. It takes a well-trained, well-connected group to serve those needs with efficiency and professionalism. BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com's Business-To-Business group has been carefully selected and trained to work with businesses of all sizes and shapes. They can handle special billing, pricing, shipping, a number of other corporate issues and they offer a Net 30 day open account. The average tenure of our AM's is more than 4 years of service. You can't put a price tag on knowledge, and our agents have completed hundreds of hours of product training, so that you can rely on our expertise. I invite you to contact one of our Account Managers and see for yourself that quality service and pricing is what we are all about.

We Know Our Products!

We're proud to have the most knowledgeable telephone sales staff in the industry. Training is the key. The bottom line is that when you call, you'll talk to people who can help you get through what can sometimes be a maze of technology. They make it seem easy.

There's a lot to know about today's breathalyzer-and how to get the most from it for your productivity and enjoyment. At BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com we select the best and the brightest to answer your calls. Then we put them through rigorous training sessions. When you call and have a question, we have a helpful answer.

Whether you want to know how to use your breathalyzer, which alcohol tester is best for your needs-or how they work. We know, and we're happy to take the time to help.

Our Website Makes Shopping Convenient

Our Web team sees to it that BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com's inventory of products are on-line and available with just a couple of clicks. Most team members have come up through the ranks at BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com, gaining invaluable experience and unique insight into our customers and how they want to be treated-whether on the phone, or on the Internet. BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.com has the "most knowledgeable site on the Web!"