SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Two Rio Grande Valley women were jailed after trying to get a child to foil a court-mandated car breathalyzer, island police said Wednesday.

Not only were the women too drunk to start the car, but they made their noisy attempt outside the home of a municipal judge, who phoned the incident in, town police spokesman Carlos Centeno said.

Bond was set at $50,000 apiece for Jessica Rosalez, 28, of Weslaco, and Linda Rosalez, 31, of La Villa, after police on Sunday determined both women “had lost all use of their mental and physical faculties and were a danger to themselves and others.”

Centeno said there were five children in the car ranging from 2 weeks to 10 years old. It was unclear which of the children was asked to blow into the breathalyzer, which had been ordered as a condition for one of the women's probation for a previous driving while intoxicated offense. There was also alcohol in the car.

Both women are charged with public intoxication and child endangerment.


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