A DUI checkpoint in Chula Vista, California, has resulted in 33 citations and 25 vehicle impounds according to local police. 

The checkpoint was in place from 6PM to 2AM Monday on the Eastlake Parkway. The checkpoint was part of the national DUI crackdown, "Over the Limit. Under Arrest." This national effort has granted funds through state departments of traffic safety for increased enforcement of DUI and vehicle-safety violations surrounding the Labor Day holiday.

California is one of nearly 40 states that allows DUI checkpoints. Other states, such as Texas, have determined they are violations of arrest procedures. In the Labor Day crackdown campaign, local law enforcement agencies are choosing whether to implement checkpoints or increase patrols on the road in order to step up enforcement. 

Despite the high number of tickets, the checkpoint only ended in 1 arrest for drunk driving. The 25 vehicle impounds were for those drivers on the road without a valid license. Three drivers were arrested for possession of a controlled substance.  

The majority of the DUI checkpoints initiated throughout the country have resulted in a high number of citations but a relatively low number of DUI arrests. Police did not issue a statement regarding the total number of vehicles checked on Sunday night, but 1 DUI arrest is likely less than 2% of the total vehicles stopped. The checkpoints are generally well-publicized, which can often lead to their lower success rate.

Chula Vista is the second-largest city in San Diego. DUI checkpoints are typically placed in high-traffic areas around bars, restaurants and other attractions. They are not typically placed directly in city centers to reduce the hassle that would put on both traffic flow and local businesses. However, it is common for 200-500 cars to be stopped on an average DUI checkpoint.