The 45 year-old Jim Leyritz is currently out on bail while waiting for trial for DUI-manslaughter charges as a result of a fatal car accident in 2007. Part of his bail conditions is to stay away from alcohol, and he has a breathalyzer installed in his car. To start the car, Leyritz has to blow into the device, and he has to periodically blow into the device while driving.

Jim LeyritzLeyritz reportedly got distraught when, on Wednesday night, he blew into the Breathalyzer to start his car but the device indicated that he had been drinking. According to Leyritz’ ex-wife Karri whose house Jim is currently living in, he had not been drinking. A second attempt at breathing into the Breathaluzer registered a clean reading, but Leyritz got upset with the first reading and the fact that it will be reported as a violation on his part of his bail conditions. He reportedly threatened suicide, and police went to Karri Leyritz’ house after receiving a phone call from someone that the police said “had concern for Leyritz’ welfare”.

Police officers drove the former athlete to the hospital. He was released from the Memorial Hospital psychiatric unit in Hollywood, Florida on Thursday afternoon. If the first reading of the alcohol-testing device confirms a violation, a warrant of arrest due to violation of bail conditions may be issued by Thursday this week.

The official statement from authorities is that they are awaiting results from the alcohol testing device. This would not be the first time, however, that Leyritz consumed alcohol since being released on bail. A judge ruled, however, that he was not specifically ordered to refrain from drinking and let him go free. However, in a hearing last February, Leyritz was specifically told not to drink.