AlcoMate Breathalyzers
$89 Core AL6000c $129 PrestigeAL6000 $139 ProCA2000 $174 PremiumAL7000 $264 AccuCellAL9000
Sensor Type: Oxide Semiconductor Oxide Semiconductor Oxide Semiconductor Oxide Semiconductor Fuel-Cell Sensor
Display: 3-Digit LCD 3-Digit LCD 3-Digit LCD 4-Digit LCD 4-Digit LCD
Case: Soft Pouch Soft Pouch or Hard Shell Hard Shell Soft Pouch or Hard Shell Hard Shell
Accuracy: +/- .01% BAC +/- .01% BAC +/- .01% BAC +/- .010% BAC +/- .005% BAC
Recalibration: Roughly 300 tests Roughly 300 tests Roughly 300 tests Roughly 300 tests Roughly 1000 tests
DOT Approved: yes yes yes yes yes
FDA Cleared: yes yes yes yes yes
Disposable Mouthpieces: yes yes yes yes yes
Test Counter: yes yes yes yes yes
Active Pressure Sensor: yes yes yes yes yes
Deep Lung Sampling: yes yes yes yes yes
Car Adapter:     yes yes yes
Field Replaceable Sensor:   yes   yes  
Self-Diagnostic System:       yes yes
PC Connection:         yes
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Not sure which one is best for you?

Call our sales team toll-free at 1.866.216.8700 or send us an email by clicking here.



How long does it take for an order to ship out?

Typically, orders are processed and shipped out in 24 hours. Most orders received before 2 P.M. PST will be shipped out same day. Order are not shipped on Saturday or Sunday and any major national holiday.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping charges are dynamically calculated at the time of ordering. You will most likely have a choice between several shipping methods depending on the destination and how quickly you want to receive the order. Keep in mind that Overnight delivery is from time of processing and not time of ordering. If you have any special needs feel free to call us so we can accommodate you.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Major credit cards are accepted including VISA, Master Card, and American Express.

Does the AccuCell software work with my Mac?

At this time, the AccuCell AL9000 software is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.


Is it safe to test other people with the same breathalyzer?

It is completely safe to test others with the same breathalyzer. To be sanitary it is recommended to use a new and unused mouthpiece when available. Also disposable breathalyzers are a one time use device, and cannot be used multiple times. The AlcAlert BT5500 is unique that it does not require the user's lips to come into contact with the device while testing, making it ideal for testing multiple people.

I want to ship outside the United States. Can I order from BreathalyzerAlcoholTester.Com?

Yes, we currently ship to nearly all international destinations. Simply add to cart and proceed to checkout to order online with a credit card. We request that the credit card billing address match the ship to shipping adress.For large international orders, please call 1(818)701-9200 or contact us to get a price quote or for specific shipping information.

Where can I buy a breathalyzer?

Look no further! While we have the largest information site regarding alcohol testing and we manufacture our own breathalyzers, we also sell directly to the public. Visit our breathalyzer page for the best breathalyzers for consumer or professional use. Remember to always give us a call at 866-216-8700 if you ever have a question about a breathalyzer or about ordering.