AlcoMate Pro Breathalyzer

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The AlcoMate Pro breathalyzer uses the same sophisticated alcohol sensing technology as AlcoHawk Pro, but provides a higher level of accuracy and sensitivity. Professionals and consumers alike will appreciate the advanced features and reliable performance of the AlcoMate Pro. This pro level alcohol testing device delivers accurate and reliable results in a compact and easy to use package. Whether you are in law enforcement or just a consumer that expects the best this machine will deliver the accuracy you expect.

AlcoMate Pro Breathalyzer

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Product Description

AlcoMate Pro Breathalyzer is the culmniation of the rapid evolution of alcohol sensing technology which has led to significant increases in the sensitivity and accuracy of our latest machines. One advance is in sampling methodology. The AlcoMate Pro breathalyzer takes a deeper lung-air sample by using a 5 second breath for measurements. This has been shown to provide more precise measurements of blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Ethanol from the subject's breath is oxidized in the reaction chamber, this chemical reaction produces a small electric current. The breathalyzer measures this and calculates the resultant BAC%. The AlcoMate Pro alcohol tester shows the results on a bright easy to read LED display. The AlcoMate Pro breathalyzer uses state of the art alcohol sensing technology with lower error rates and higher reliability for the demanding professional.

FlowCheck Technology

One of the advances in design of the AlcoMate Pro breathalyzer is our innovative FlowCheck technology. Proper sampling of the subject's breath is critical for obtaining accurate results. Improper breath sampling is a common source of breathalyzer errors. The AlcoMate Pro breathalyzer automatically verifies that enough air has been exhaled into the device. If the breath sample is too small the AlcoMate Pro will display an error message and no results will show. The AlcoMate Pro is designed to ensure that the breath sample is from the deep lungs by requiring a 5 second exhalation into the chamber. This reduces errors such as measuring mouth alcohol levels, a common problem in lower quality breathalyzer tests. The FlowCheck system also utilizes one-way valves in the mouthpiece design to prevent inhalation during testing. Poor breath control by subjects can lead to substantial errors and unreliable results.

Product Features

  • DOT / NHTSA Approved and FDA Cleared
  • Individually Wrapped Disposable Mouthpieces
  • Advanced Alcohol Sensor Technology
  • Deep Lung Sampling for Greater Accuracy
  • Automatic Verification of Proper Breath Sample
  • Bright LED Readout
  • Audible Alerts / Low Battery Indicator
  • Auto Power Off
  • Compact Professional Quality Breathalyzer

Product Specifications

Alcohol Sensor:Oxide Semiconductor
Size:120 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight:200 Grams
Material:Shock resistant plastic
Power:9V Alkaline (Included)
Response Time:3 sec.
Warm Up Time20 sec.
Recovery Time: 30 sec.
Detection Range:0.00 ~ 0.40% BAC
Display:3-Digit Decimal Ultra bright LCD Display (0.00% BAC)
Accuracy +/- 0.01$ at 0.10$ BAC
Warranty:1 Year

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