iBreath iPod Breathalyzer Review

Author: Michelle Torres
Date: June 15, 2009
The iBreath iPod breathalyzer is the first alcohol tester designed for the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone device. Sold by David Stelle Enterprises, it is priced at $79.95 with a recent reduction in price to $49.95. The device plugs into your iPod and uses the battery from the iPod to operate. Operation is fairly straight forward as in: Plug in device, turn on, fold out the "blow wand" and exhale into it for a minimum of five seconds. In a short time your results with display on the built in LCD display.

ibreath breathalyzer
Figure 1:
The iBreath

The iBreath comes equipped with a 12v car plug (for those times when you may not have an iPod or iPhone with you), USB Cable, and instruction manual.

ibreath breathalyzer contents

Figure 2: iBreath Contents

The iBreath also features a timer up to 8 hours and an FM transmitter to transfer your music to your car's radio. Both features are not required nor increase the experience of using the breathalyzer.


No batteries needed
All Functions and results shown on iBreath LCD display
0.000 - 0.200% BAC Range
Margin of error +/- .01%
Wireless FM Transmitter


It's not that we do not like the idea of the iBreath, we just wish it was better thought out. The iMotto of apple design, is "you build it and they will come", which holds true most of the time. The only problem is that there's always a few duds on the market. The iBreath while in theory is great, it is an utter failure to us. Not only did it stop giving near accurate results after the 2nd test and on, it really has no place with the iPhone. It does not come with any application to use with the advanced iPhone. So really, all it uses the iPhone for is an external power supply. What you have is a breathalyzer alcohol tester that hardly works, which requires one to own an iPod or iPhone. It is understandable to us now, why the iBreath came with an FM transmitter; to give the device some use after people realize the breathalyzer doesn't work, and they just lost $50-$80 on this device.


  • FM Transmitter actually works
  • At least we don't have to buy batteries


  • Breathalyzer does not function with any hope of accuracy
  • Must have an iPhone or iPod Touch to operate. Must have external power to operate
  • No App to work with the device