Breathalyzers and Prom

Some of the most memorable experiences your children will have in their lifetime are when they attend their high school prom, formal or high school dance. It's a time for kids of their generation to socialize with each other, hang out with friends and have fun; however, have you taken time to think about what takes place after prom? Let's face it, during these types of functions, many young adolescents experiment with drinking alcohol. And while it may not occur to them that there are serious consequences that can take place, after these special events, there are, and many of them have catastrophic endings. This is why certain precautions need to be enacted.

By ensuring the safety of your child as well as the safety of others, you can ensure that your teenager will have fun at many important school functions without having to worry about the night ending on a sour note. So how do parents accomplish this? Parents can accomplish this by investing in a high quality breathalyzer machine.

Being a responsible parent means doing what you can to prevent your teenager from taking part in underage drinking. Although, there are limitations as to what you can do to prevent unfortunate situations from occurring; you can take action.

This means that while many teenagers might participate in underage drinking activities, you as a parent also have responsibilities. When you invest in a breathalyzer machine, you are taking action. You are doing your part to ensure the safety and the health of your adolescent teenager.

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Often teenagers will not deviate from rules set in the household when they know there are serious consequences involved. When you invest in a breathalyzer machine and your teenager knows they will be randomly tested, this can often convince them that engaging in underage drinking may not be worth the punishment set forth.

The problem is many people, especially teenagers are always under the impression that it won't happen to them. However, if everyone thought this way, and tragic accidents continue to occur, then obviously, this is just wishful thinking. This is why it is imperative to invest in a breathalyzer test. When you have one, ready at your disposal you take the guesswork out of guessing whether your teenager is under the influence of alcohol.

This is why talking with your kids about underage drinking is important. By talking with your kids candidly about the ill effects of alcohol and the consequences involved, you can give your daughter or son the knowledge they need to make smart decisions.

Did you Know?

  • Drinking alcohol can affect the way the brain functions. It can have a negative affect on coordination, judgment and reflexes. It also inhibits vision, has an effect on memory and even causes some people to blackout.

  • Alcohol can have fatal consequences, especially when large amounts of it are consumed in a short period. Teenagers increase their chances of alcohol poisoning which can lead to a coma or death. Thirty-one percent of drivers ages 15-20 in 2003 died in traffic related accidents and were found to be under the influence of alcohol.

    Most people are unaware of just how much of an effect alcohol has on the body and the mind. Many people also fail to realize that alcohol can have different types of effects on people depending on their age, race, family history, as well as how much they drink. It is because of this lack of awareness in underage drinkers that they continue to engage in risky behavior with alcohol.

    What about your teenagers life and dreams, aren't they worth the investment? This is especially true if you have a teenager who is the life of the party. What is a few hundred dollars spent on a breathalyzer device when the price is your child’s freedom and future? You can't put a price tag on these valuable attributes.

    So the choice is yours. You can enact a plan to prevent underage drinking from occurring in your household, or you can act as if it is not existent. The choice is yours; however, when teenagers are aware that there are serious consequences involved, they might just think twice before engaging in underage drinking. Remember, it only takes one unfortunate incident from changing your teenager’s life forever.  You have to think to yourself, is it really worth the risk?


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