Coast Guard Breathalyzer

The safety for the employees of the US Coast Guard is a top priority, and they have instituted a strict Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program. In this program, all US Coast Guard vessels and ships are required to have an on board breathalyzer to measure a crew member's alcohol concentration post accident or when there is reasonable suspicion.
Below are some US Coast Guard Approved breathalyzers available for purchase.

AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000

The AccuCell features the absolute latest in technological advances for a Breathalyzer today. With an advance Fuel-Cell Sensor, the AlcoMate AccuCell provides an even more precise measurement over typical semi-oxide sensor breathalyzers. The AccuCell exceeds most law enforcement requirements with its patent-pending sensor module technology allowing a units sensor to be replaced instead of being sent to a calibration service center. [More information]

AlcoMate Premium AL7000

The very attractive, sleek design of the AlcoMate Premium AL700 includes a 4-digit display with sensor replacement technologies and an easy to use interface. DOT/NHTSA approval of the highly advanced sensor replacement module makes the AlcoMate Premium stand out from the rest and makes it the top of the line semi-oxide sensor breathalyzer. [More information]

AlcoMate Prestige AL6000

The AlcoMate Prestige AL6000 breathalyzer is perfect for someone looking for a reliable any time of the week breathalyzer. Featuring the patented "sensor module" technology, there's no need to send in this model for calibration. Available in Red or Silver. [More information]


AlcoMate Core

The AlcoMate Core is an affordable alternative to consumers that want a reliable, accurate breath testing device but would prefer the benefit of lower pricing over the advantages of pre-calibrated sensor modules.Easy and convenient to use, the AlcoMate Core is recommended for both personal and professional screening.

[More information]

BreathScan Disposable Alcohol Detector

BreathScan is a disposable single use breath alcohol detector that provides accurate and reliable measurement of breath alcohol contents. Its low cost and ease of use make the BreathScan testers ideal screening tools to qualify an individual for submission to a forensic-quality evidential testing. [More information]