DUI Penalties in the State of California

Do you know what the DUI penalties in the state of California are? If, you are like most Californian’s you probably do not, unless that is, you work for the DMV. The reason it is important to know what the DUI penalties in the State of California are is often people fail to realize what can happen to them when they infringe upon these penalties. By then, it is too late and they have to face the unfortunate consequences.

In order to protect yourself and the safety of others, learning more about the DUI penalties in the state of California is essential. This is because when you become aware of these penalties you can prevent problems from arising. Continue reading to find out more about DUI penalties in the state of California.

DUI Penalties in the State of California

1) Your license will be suspended-

If you are over the age of 21 and caught driving under the influence of alcohol, you will have your license suspended. The officer will confiscate your driver’s license and forward a copy of the suspension report to the DMV.

You will also have to pay $125 for a reissue fee, which is given to the DMV. You then will have to file for proof of financial responsibility. Even when this is completed, your license will not be returned to you until the end of your suspension.

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2) Driving privileges are taken away-

Unless you appear in court and make a case for yourself as to why the charges are not justified; you better be prepared to kiss your driving privileges goodbye. The only way you will be able to drive your car is if you go to the DMV and file paperwork for a restricted license. This will allow you to drive to and from work only.

If you are 21 years of age or older your license will be revoked for up 4 months. A drunken driving violation will also stay on your record for 10 years. If you offend more than one time in a 10-year period, your license can be suspended for up to one year.

3) A number of costly fines-

Not only will you have to pay to have your license reinstated, which costs $125, but you will also be responsible for paying these:

Vehicle Towage Fee- $187
Booking Fee-$156
Car Insurance Penalty-$2,700
Driving Under Influence Fine-$480
Court Fees-$816
Fee for Community Service-$44
Fund for DUI victims-$100
Classes for DUI-$550
Victims Impact Session for DUI-$20
Payment for Time Charge-$35
Attorney Fees-$2,000

These penalties add up to an astonishing $7,263. This is enough for a used car. Think about it. Is driving under the influence really worth all the trouble?

Many people also have to spend time in jail, and while it may be for a short duration of time, it can be quite an eye opening experience and a wake up call for some people. However, what if you could prevent it from happening in the first place? This is why it is imperative to learn about the different DUI penalties in the state of California. The more you are aware of the penalties, the more likely it is that you won’t deviate from the laws, which are put into place by the state of California.

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