What is a Breathalyzer?


Noun: A device used for measuring the amount of alcohol in a person's breath.
Synonyms: Breathalyser

A breathalyzer is an electronic device for measuring the breath alcohol content (BrAC) from a person. BrAC can be used to accurately measure an individual’s blood alcohol content.

There is a direct correlation between a person's breath alcohol contents and his blood alcohol concentration. During respiration, alcohol in the blood vaporizes and is carried out of the lungs in the exhaled breath. There are several types of breath alcohol testers available today. These range from disposable screening testers to the equipment that provides legally admissible results.

Portable hand held breathalyzers provide very accurate results and are used for screening purposes. By measuring the alcohol content in the breath, a reliable indication of the blood alcohol level is achieved. Portables alcohol testers are less accurate than evidential devices, however by comparing the cost performance ratio, these devices are affordable and sufficient for personal usage.

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