Alcohol Breathalyzer Reviews

Over the years, the popularity of an Alcohol Breathalyzer has increased tremendously. At times breathalyzers used exclusively by law enforcement due to cost barriers, have become increasingly more affordable. Competition has opened up the doors to several different breathalyzers and the separation of brands is becoming more apparent for consumers looking for a handheld breathalyzer. We will be talking about a new breathalyzer every week, including some breathalyzers we no longer carry but are still sold.

AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000 Review

AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000 ReviewThe Alcomate AccuCell AL9000 breathalyzer is the latest breathalyzer to use advanced fuel cell sensor technology. The AL9000 improves upon the Premium AL7000 model. We take a look to highlight some of the changes made for better or for worse.

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AlcAlert BT5500 Review

AlcAlert BT5500 BreathalyzerWe take a look at the very popular AlcAlert BT5500 portable breathalyzer this week. One of the smallest hand held breathalyzers and one of the only breathalyzer made in Japan, the AlcAlert packs a lot into a little.

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AlcoHawk Precision Review

AlcoHawk Precision BreathalyzerWe reviewed the AlcoHawk Precision to see if it lived up to the legacy of the AlcoHawk ABI. Our review may shock you to find out the results.

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BacTrack B70 Review

BacTrack B70 BreathalyzerWe give the BacTrack B70 a whirl to see if it performs as well as it looks. The latest hand held mini breathalyzer tries to do it all, but does it deliver?

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iBreath Review

iBreath BreathalyzerGot an iPod or iPhone and looking for that next amazing gadget to show off? Check out our review of the iBreath breathalyzer before making your decision.

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